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​Some people really don’t like it when we change. It throws off their expectations for what interaction is going to look and feel like. When we change, it can make others uncomfortable. Don’t be concerned. That’s their thing to deal with. 

Friends grow and change with each other, or at least accept and still love us when we do. Others, they become part of our history – and that’s okay.


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Like many people that did not vote for the current president-elect, I am struggling to deal with the results of the election. However, this post is not to complain, not to debate, not to convince, anyone that voting for the president-elect was “wrong” – or right. What this post is…is a Call for Love and an Act of Love. To both sides; to ALL sides. It is not an invitation to let out a “Go My Team” cry to the social media Universe or to issue forth “Your Team Sucks!”

It’s just my usual ranting…check it out if you like. You know the topic. If you don’t like it, feel free to move on to another part of the abyss.

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